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Employing a Rigorous Process in Building Custom Homes

The Building Process

Reading Plans
  • 1 The first step in the building process is to purchase a lot that fits your construction budget. Steve Karle will meet with you on the property to educate you of all the possibilities for constructing a home on that location. He will review all possibilities to maximize the features and views from the property.
  • 2 Step two is to purchase a house plan that meets your budget and your family lifestyle. Steve Karle Construction will assist their clients in selecting the perfect house plan.
  • 3 Once a house plan is selected, the cost estimation process to build the home begins. Steve Karle Construction works closely with all suppliers and vendors to make sure they can deliver the most cost-effective pricing, with quality and craftsmanship as a priority.
  • 4 Clients can make changes to their custom home plan during construction. Keep in in mind that not all construction changes cost money. Some changes can be made without adding cost while other change requests may decrease the total cost of your home.
  • 5 At the beginning of construction, clients will be given a construction timeline. They are also provided interior and exterior selection schedules. These contributes to the Builder and the client staying on schedule to meet completion dates.